The Black Box Experience


During one of the most challenging moments in history, 2020 was a year where various Black businesses experienced a massive financial downfall. This moment in time ultimately forced Black companies experiencing severe struggle to close their doors permanently. We identified the problem and wanted to be a resource by bringing awareness to Black-owned businesses across many platforms.


As the world continued in uproar and uncertainty, our primary goal was to ensure safety was top of mind. We conducted research and brainstormed how to be sustainable and intentional about how this plan came to life. That brings us to what we've presented as "The Black Box Experience." Our Own created this communal moment to celebrate Black Activists, Creatives & Entrepreneurs (A.C.E) we've identified throughout Los Angeles. We look to them as the thought leaders and visionaries that consistently keep our communities inspired. The handcrafted box carefully painted black with vinyl words of affirmation to our A.C.E's, was filled with hand-picked self-care products we carefully and strategically sourced and purchased from Black brands to promote self-care, self-healing, and self-awareness. We packaged and hand-delivered the box to A.C.E's, bringing awareness to Black brands to increase sales, attract new consumers, and be top of mind.


The recipients of the black box experience created an overall total of 17M+ interactions, leading to a tremendous increase in followers for all Black owned brands included in the box. Additionally, there was a total of 15k+ digital shares across our social safari and an overall impression count of 2M+. After the promotional weekend, the Black owned brands experienced an 60% increase in sales.