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Vibrate Higher presented by Our Own at SOFI Stadium in Inglewood was the mental health moment we didn’t know we needed.

Vibrate Higher — an all women led-day of mindfulness- yoga, meditation, and sound healing will reignite calm, self-care, and self-awareness for all participants. All participants will receive a free yoga mat and students will receive a backpack with school supplies and other takeaways.

It started as an internal conversation over a year ago amongst the team. We advocated for the space, we pitched potential brands and got no where. So we took a different approach.

We decided to do it ourselves. Our Own paid for the stadium, partnered with our friends and brought on some of the most talented people in our community to elevate the moment. Not to mention it was FREE to the people.

Special thanks to our partners Actively Black and Light Non Profit.

Shoutout to the healers Marley Ralph and Amhara Empress , music curator Brian Henry, Branché Foston, and Ambiance AV for allowing us to Vibrate Higher. Last but not least thank you to every volunteer who gave their time…literally we could not have done it without you!

Our Own