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“Every cause is a good cause,

but we know Our Own is the cause

that will change the world!”

Our Own is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded on the principle that you can’t solve a problem with a single solution. Our communities have a long history of socioeconomic injustices that have created generational disparities; making it a challenge to advance in society. Our mission is to dismantle these systemic barriers and create the access needed in nutrition, education, entrepreneurship, maternal health, mental and physical fitness to further bridge the gap to ensure racial equity and social justice. 

Meet Our Founders

Social Entrepreneurs and Cultural Producers Dustin Young & Lee Johnson founded and have led Our Own since 2018. With a wealth of experience, both are hyper focused on consistent impact for underserved communities.

Dustin Young


DUSTIN YOUNG is a Mentor, Physical & Mental Health Advocate as well as the Founder of Our Own – a nonprofit organization serving as a catalyst for innovation and epicenter to provide resources within BIPOC communities. Dismantling systemic barriers in nutrition, education, entrepreneurship, mental health, and physical fitness to further bridge the gap and ensure racial equity and social justice.

After obtaining a degree in Psychology and Sociology, Dustin went on to work for various nonprofit organizations that focused on behavioral prevention with inner-city youth. Having a strong connection with the community and the traumas our youth face daily, he decided to dedicate his time to creating solutions that would build sustainable communities by utilizing non-traditional engagement strategies to assist with reducing stigmas related to mental, physical, and emotional health. What makes Dustin so passionate about the work he is doing in the community, is having the ability to see growth and the trajectory shift of individuals after creating access to resources and opportunities. Dustin Young truly wants to change the narrative of the communities we come from and create the legacies that sustain success for generations to come.

Lee Johnson


LEE JOHNSON is a Branding Expert, Community Advocate, Entrepreneur and Co- Founder of Our Own. Originally from the east coast, he grew up in situations that found him and his family living in homeless shelters surrounded by violence daily. Being adopted by his grandparents helped him understand that giving to those in need was a privilege never a burden.

Following a move to California, Lee launched a consulting firm focused on brand development and marketing. He used that success to impact the community with independent community initiatives before joining Our Own. With a present creative spirt, Lee continues to work toward developing community programming for Our Own in Los Angeles and across the country. His business experience and years of living in abhorrent conditions allows him to uniquely understand how to create opportunities that show those in the community “the possibility of a possibility.” His goal is to turn the overlooked into the overachievers.

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